Monday, 6 January 2014

Front garden design Didsbury, Manchester, By David Keegan Garden Design

A garden design project for a front garden in Didsbury, South Manchester, Lancashire, UK.

This was a very interesting and rewarding design project in Didsbury. The brief was to create an off street parking area but still maintain a garden feel. The client also wanted new sandstone piers, i designed these based on period detail, and then had them made to order in the UK for the project. My aim as a designer was to put the charm and aesthetic to compliment the period nature of the house. To that end i designed a new side brick arch and bespoke timber gate to replace the existing gate as can be seen in the before pictures. I also designed  a new ecclesiastical trellis, installed to the new drive side entrance, to further reinforce the garden feel, and again this is further complimented by the use of reclaimed street cobbles to form the drive surface. By staggering the path from the drive to the entrance pathway the garden effect is further amplified and the picture softened by planting. To add to the overall charm the existing block paved path was removed and replaced with a reclaimed redbrick path. The designs for this garden lift what was a dreary and neglected space into a practical yet  uplifting space.

The front garden as seen during my first visit.


Designs and elevations for the new garden design.

front garden design landscape plan 
front garden design details

The finished gardens Summer 2013





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