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Design Elements By David Keegan Garden Design

Designs Elements, a series of postings of elements from my garden design projects. Each setting, view, or piece, was designed by me specifically for one of my projects.

Contemporary Sculpture Balls and Sculpture Garden

Design element 1

Sculpture balls. These were constructed using fake grass ball by Boule Gazon and mounted on top of stainless steel rods secured in place via concrete set steel tube. Each ball is also up-light spike spot and run on both sides of a stainless steel waterway creating dramatic effect whether day or night. The award winning gardens were created for a private client in Cheshire North West UK.

Sculpture balls design by David Keegan

Contemporary Oak Pergola

Design element 2 

I designed this pergola as i could not find anything readily available that fitted my vision for this area of the project. The side vertical panels create a sense of enclosure and privacy when viewed from the side but also frame the view from across the gardens. Untreated copper tubing is used fro cross lats in place of timber
Oak and copper pergola designed by David Keegan 

Side detail Oak Pergola designed by David Keegan

Close up detail of copper tube cross sections Oak Pergola designed by David Keegan

Contemporary  Electric Powder Coated Gates 

Design element 3 

I designer these gates specifically for this project as i could not find anything ready made that suited either the brief or the aesthetic i as aiming to achieve. 

Bespoke Oak Gate 

Design element 4

I designed the Oak  gates below to fit into an existing oak arch/pergola. The gates lead from a small inner formal lawn area to the orchard and and the small arboretum beyond. The gates were made and fitted by a local Cheshire based joiner. Constructed in green Oak they will silver down twist and turn a time passes very much the desired effect and aesthetic for this large project in Mobberley.

Bespoke Oak Gates designed by David Keegan

Bespoke Green Oak Fence and Bee Sculpture

Design element 5
Green oak fence designed by me for the same project as gates above, this is a handmade green oak fence. Each paling is cut to an irregular pattern and peg jointed to cross rail. This fence forms the backdrop to the arboretum.

Bespoke green Oak fence designed by David Keegan

The bee hovering over copper and steel flower set into stone monolith creates a focal point to end of path and gate beyond leading on into the filed and landscape beyond. The sculpture specially commissioned for the project is the result of a  collaboration with David Freedman.

Bespoke green Oak fence, gate, designed by David Keegan
Sculpture  bee landing on copper flower
by David Freedman
 in collaboration with David Keegan

Alison Crowther Oak Sculpture Seat

Design element 6
i purchased this Oak sculpture seat on behalf of my client to go into a woodland bog garden. The wood is untreated and deliberately allowed to age crack and weather as it will leading to a stone like patina. The seat is carved from a single piece of English oak harvested from weather fallen trees and to that end is sustainable. 

Oak Sculpture seat designed and made by English sculptor Alison Crowther

Welsh Slate and Oak grotto seat 

Design element 7
I designed this grotto seat to create a focal point across a garden and a quite place to sit and read a book. It was  hand made using small pieces of Welsh slate and English oak and had to be made in place due to the intricate nature of the curve and detail. 

Curved reclaimed brick and rendered sculpture walls

Design element 8
I designed these curved walls to act as dual purpose spaces in a small community garden. The outer curved wall create intimate enclosed meeting resting places with the base of opening acting as seats but also used at time as display points for pieces of sculpture and artworks made by members of the community center groups. The curved wall were constructed using reclaimed brick with the insets rendered and sides of opening clad in rusted steel for contrast. 

Rendered Raspberry pink walls with inset steel designed by David Keegan

View through the 3 curved walls 

 An added bonus the opening also create framed views of the gardens when viewed from different points.
Openings frame views of garden and planting beyond
 in this case the giant leaves of Gunnera

Oak Larch and Welsh Slate summer house

Design element 9

Summerhouse designed by David Keegan for a sun terrace

Cedar, reclaimed brick and York stone built pergola

Design element 10

Designs for pergola and gardens inspired by Gertrude Jekyll

Pergola designed by David Keegan

Pergola by David Keegan

Cantilevered dining platform 

Design element 11

Cantilevered deck platform designed by David Keegan

Gate and Fence

Design element 12

Gate and fence from a project in Greenfield in Saddleworth, High Peaks and is the result of another collaboration with UK  sculpture David Freedman. The gate and fence lead from fern garden to front hence the inspiration for the fern motif. 

Gate with fern leaf motif based on 'Harts tongue fern

Unique gate latch arrangement

To view the projects associated with these design elements why not visit my website port-folio page by clicking this link:    

I sincerely hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to comment or ask questions.
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Garden Design Project Bowden Cheshire, By David Keegan Garden Design

Current projects

A garden design project in Bowden in Cheshire North West UK

Gardens as first viewed. This will be exciting and challenging as client possess 5 beehives

Designs for a sensory Physic garden The Landscape Plan

 3D design models for new garden

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Landscape Design Project, Willington Cheshire, By David Keegan Garden Design

Our current projects

Landscape design project Willington Cheshire North West UK
This is an ongoing project in Willington and phase one planting will begin next week, should be exciting.

Series of pictures taken first visit. Design plans finished landscape works phased first planting May 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ideal Home Show Manchester 2014, by David Keegan Garden Design

News Update

3 Times Winner Garden Designer of the year Northern Design Awards and International Landscape Design Award Winner, Garden Designer David Keegan to give free advice sessions at Ideal Home Show Manchester

Manchester sees the Ideal Home Show visit the city for the first time in its history. I will be taking part by offering free advice sessions. The Ideal Advice Center provides visitors the chance to book 30 minute sessions with experts specialising in Build, Interiors, Financial, Garden & Outdoor. I will be holding 30 minute garden & landscape design advice sessions on Friday 6th June and Sunday 8th of June. The Advice center opens from approx 11 am until 5 pm on both days and can be booked in advance on The Ideal Homes Show website.
I would strongly advise anyone interested to book in advance.

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