Saturday, 20 June 2015

Garden Design Project in Greenfield, Saddleworth revisited year 2, By David Keegan Garden Design

Garden Design Greenfield Saddleworth In The High Peaks

Garden project revisited 2 years on. I created this concept garden in late spring 2013. Designed as a dry river dwarf pines garden it required a leap of faith on the part of my clients, a bold move when you have lived with it as a pretty typical lawned front garden. Its a tiny space, but with commanding views of the peaks it demanded a unique approach that would exploit its potential as an interactive space within the landscape beyond. A simple terrace with table and chairs envelopes the sitter within the planting and therefore the view. Its acts as a challenge to notions of what is, or is not, a front garden. Its reason becomes all the more compelling, and rewarding, with the maturity of time as plants grow and envelope elements of the space suffusing its colour further into that of the surrounding colour. A lawn in small space does not compel the user to use in the same way that this pine garden will. I think you will agree its aesthetic draws you in and wills you to stay a while.

The pictures:

The front garden prior to redesign

To see last years post update for this garden click this link to original post

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Garden Design Project 5 years on By David Keegan Garden Design

A garden inspired by the late great Gertrude Jekyll

It is always on my mind that 5 years is about the right amount of time. Its in my mind as a picture when i design and fill a space with plants. Nestling beside that thought, niggling, the question, am i allowed the luxury of this time?  Will the client wait, have the patience, share the vision, spare the time? And sometimes, just sometime, i, you, me, is allowed the luxury, spared the thought, always though, with the occasional wobble, but then who wouldn't question, or doubt, its right even, if for just a brief moment, is it not question that leads us to create?
This garden will always live special, haunting me, holding me, caught up as it is in my own personal history, story, as news of my younger brothers death reached me hours before final design presentation was due with the client, he waited. So today's post is in memory of my much and always missed brother Mark.

The quintessential English Lawn

The Pergola

A birds nest in between the pergola joists and York stone cap

A perfect Allium flower head

A spectacular pale purple verging on black pelargonium flower

Double flowered pink rose

Study of Iris chrysographes "Crug 
Farm" black-flowered form

Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' this one if you look closely enough with small spider on flower

Pergola now drooping with evergreen Clematis and various vines.

The addition of Tiarella to the base of roses was one of last years changes which has worked exceedingly well.

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First Colours of Summer arrive in The Enchanted Forest, A Garden By David Keegan Garden Design

Today's post the sun amidst new growth.

The enchanted forest moves and sways with color, 
as new light pale green shoots upward,
 amidst the old green of last years growth,
 and  dappled broken rays of sun cast,
 in painterly mood,
 piercing here and there the canopy,
 brightly different as it continues on from spring, 
with bluebells now receded 
covered up to quiet with leaves and foliage anew.
The forest floor retreats as plants fill and flow and spread, 
and tree ferns prehistoric rise 
as unfurls a years new fronds.

For earlier post in from the Enchanted Forest please click The Enchanted Forest First Colours Of Spring

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