Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Welcome back to the Aquarium Garden, Sandbach, Cheshire, UK. 5 months on from completion a garden design project by David Keegan Garden Design & Landscape Consultancy

The Aquarium Garden Revisited

I revisited this project a couple of days enjoying in some glorious late summer sun to see how it was all settling in 5 months after planting completed. It would have been easy to manicure it for the pictures by picking up every fallen leaf and sweeping every path, instead I photographed it in the moody mid-afternoon light as the first leaves of autumn had started to fall and litter paths and decks with their crispy brown turn. Meanwhile the Acers are only just string to come in to their own with the leaf colour deepening and changing with the shortening day. Meanwhile my steps up from my drive sent a flurry of butterflies and bees scattered from the Sedums and Echinacea, glorious.
Welcome back!

Hunza gopper wall light compliments the warm tone of the house brick.

Ted enjoys relaxing break on the front lawn!!

Detail inset eyelid light by Hunza

The beauty of English York Stone, this quarried by Johnson's Wellfield in Huddersfield is quite simply gorgeous!!

Split face hazel hurdle fence and gate add to the contemporary cottage feel

Planting mix of dwarf Echinacea Purple Fennel Allium & Chamomile

One of my favorite trees the Acer like golden elder

English Oak decks inter-planted with Acer griseums framing view to hot-tub enclosure

The view beyond it doesn't get much more rural than this!!

And a quick blast from the past a view of the gardens my first visit before redesign!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to comment or ask questions.
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