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Garden Design Project in Greenfield, Saddleworth, By David Keegan Garden Design

Wow what difference a year can make!

I paid a return visit to this project yesterday, we completed the instillation  late last summer 2013. Below are a series of pictures of how the gardens are now looking. There is also a very kind testimonial written by Lou, my client for this project.

The first in this series, the front garden area. Originally an area of lawn i felt it was a wasted opportunity due to its wonderful aspect with views to the high peaks.  My concept a dwarf pine cobble garden with a small reclaimed York stone terrace to accommodate a small table and chairs.

Before pictures

Front garden as first viewed

After pictures front garden

Dwarf Pine garden with small terrace

An old chimney pot is turned into a simple focal point

Stachys planted into cobble

Dwarf pines planted into cobble bed 

View to top of peaks in distance

Second in this series of pictures, a few before pictures to put the changes and designs in context.

Back garden as first viewed


After pictures back garden

Client Testimonial June 2014

                        Dear David

It's hard to express how thrilled I am with the garden you have  
created for us.  When I was first thinking about a garden makeover, I  
looked at a few websites and nothing inspired me, but as soon as I  
saw your website and the images of the gardens you have made, I  
absolutely knew you were the man for the job.  I had no idea what we  
wanted exactly - as I remember it,  the only firm part of the brief  
was to provide a decking or patio to eat outside and to maintain a  
slope for the aquaslide (summer) and sledging activities (winter)!!   
Oh, and a vegetable garden for my daughter.  But you managed to  
figure it out and your design fulfills - and exceeds - all our hopes  
and wishes.

When I first contacted you, I had no idea about the cost of re- 
designing a garden, and after our initial consultations, we agreed a  
larger budget than we had originally supposed.  Money well spent - it  
has been worth every penny and in fact, looking at the complete  
transformation now, we got a lot for our money.

The planting is just beautiful - everything has come on so well so  
quickly and the plants are all incredibly healthy.  You planted last  
October,  and frankly I had no idea what it was all going to look  
like (even though you gave me a detailed planting scheme with lots of  
Latin names), so when spring came and everything started to grow and  
bloom, it was like Christmas as each variety opened and flowered.   
The first sign of a tiny pink bud on that camellia near the willow  
fencing was such a treat - I think that was the first show we had -  
it was so exciting.
You have even turned me into a gardener - well, tidying up and  
weeding at the moment - I will continue to rely on you for expert  
advice!  My father tried to give me some primroses (or primulas?) the  
other day - I said I had to wait and see if you said they could go in  
and if so where!!!

Sitting on the decking last week, enjoying some sun and a well earned  
cup of tea (after weeding!) I sent a quick message to your  
landscaper, Paul,  to tell him how thrilled we are with his work and  
what a great job he has done.  He did an amazing job with all the  
rain we had last autumn, it was a mudbath,  I remember he spent about  
40 minutes hosing down the mud from the paths every evening!  You  
have a very good team, David.

I very much appreciate your ongoing advice and involvement - I still  
have trouble with those weeds that masquerade as plants, and  
conversely, I don't want to pull out a young plant masquerading as a  
weed!!!  It has been, and continues to be, a total pleasure working  
with you, you are great fun to be around, irreverent and funny, but  
still very serious about what you do.  You may have encyclopedic  
knowledge, but you are an artist at heart

Thanks David


Link to last years blog entry for this project

I sincerely hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to comment or ask questions.
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