Friday, 25 July 2014

Leyland, Lancashire, garden design project one year on By David Keegan Garden Design

Garden Design in Leyalnd Lancashire

We installed this design for clients in Leyland, Lancashire, just shy of a year ago now. Yesterday i paid a return visit to carry out a bit of formative pruning and general plants tidy up. The gardens good condition is a positive testament to the very good care taken by my clients. The decking is now beginning to colour down nicely giving it a slight silver hue contrasting well with the slate border paving detail and further enhancing the geometry of the 60x 90 limestone paving. Best of all though for me is how successful my pleached Photinia have worked out. I had these pleached onto a metal frames in Italy, a bit of a risk as i had not seen Photinia used like this before. It makes a wonderful screen and far more interesting than the usual Lime  (Tilia) or Hornbeam (Carpinuis betulus) pleach due to its evergreen nature and the subtle changes in leaf and stem and flower colour from spring to summer. Apparently Alan Titmarsh cannot stand them, most peculiar, i consider it to be one of the more interesting evergreens! Perhaps these would serve to change his mind? 

Rear Garden Pictures

A rare treat to see this in flower in the UK and this far north. In fact I am not sure i have seen in flower in the UK before.

Front Garden Pictures

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