Wednesday, 10 June 2015

First Colours of Summer arrive in The Enchanted Forest, A Garden By David Keegan Garden Design

Today's post the sun amidst new growth.

The enchanted forest moves and sways with color, 
as new light pale green shoots upward,
 amidst the old green of last years growth,
 and  dappled broken rays of sun cast,
 in painterly mood,
 piercing here and there the canopy,
 brightly different as it continues on from spring, 
with bluebells now receded 
covered up to quiet with leaves and foliage anew.
The forest floor retreats as plants fill and flow and spread, 
and tree ferns prehistoric rise 
as unfurls a years new fronds.

For earlier post in from the Enchanted Forest please click The Enchanted Forest First Colours Of Spring

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