Friday, 11 March 2016

A garden design project in Worsley Lancashire, by David Keegan Garden Design

A Garden Design Project in Worsley

Work in Progress

Progress to date March 2016

I have to say I am very excited by this project as it now transforms from paper designs to living reality. Although it looks a small space in the before pictures, once cleared, it is actually quite a decent sized space. The brief, no lawn, and a space that creates a connection with the house extension which opens into the garden space via a set of bi-fold doors. The client is also fortunate enough to have a garden which is not overlooked and backs onto an area of trees, many of which are silver birch. This allowed me to use these as the backdrop to the internal spaces. This is garden that will make more sense as it is planted up and allowed a season to settle in, in the meantime the build progress pictures to date, with planting expected by the end of March early April. Watch this space for further updates as this garden progress over the coming months.

The gardens as first viewed

The Build

Wettest winter on record

The details

Hidden raised bed veg planters

The log store

In the center of it all chill out area

Sculptural cedar panels with raised bed veg planters, hidden to rear of panels, creating a multi purposed dimension and functionality. Rebates will have recessed lights to enhance and deepen the space at nighttime, whilst Coretn steel pots will be planted up with a variety of  Acers.

Cedar panel with over-sized Corten steel pots

Black inset spaces in this picture will form living green walls.

Bug and insect houses

I sincerely hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to comment or ask questions.
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