Friday, 24 June 2016

Finished Garden Design Project Front and Back Garden, Worsley, Lancashire, (2 part post, post (2) Front Garden Update June 16)

Form and Function

A Finished Garden Design Project in Worsley, Lancashire revisited 

2 part post, (Post 2 the Front Garden)

Client testimonial
"When I searched the internet to find a garden designer for my new house, I came across David’s work for the local council and saw the finished end product and I very much liked what I saw. However, it was not just the garden but what the people wrote about the design process and the project from the start to the end that made me contact him and ask if he would be interested to do a project on a smaller scale. I am so glad he was interested.
My new garden is exactly what I needed and this is a result of David’s skills to listen to the client and then transform this into a unique design. He was very clear about the design process, he is an excellent communicator and remained very involved throughout the whole project. David has chosen excellent allied professionals to work with him such as David the designer of my front garden rails and the landscaping team led by Kris, a team that will go the extra mile through storms and snow.
I am amazed every day now how the garden in evolving, it is due to David’s vision and he continues to think about his projects and how he can make them even more perfect and beautiful.
David is an excellent storyteller and continues to be very curious about his clients and transforms all of this into your garden project.
My garden is a story from start to finish that has been beautifully designed, executed and is exactly what I wanted and needed to enrich my daily living"

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