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New Garden Design Project in Wilmslow, Cheshire, by David Keegan Garden Design

Wilmslow Front Garden Project,  Garden completed on site 18th May 2015

The brief here, to redesign the garden to accommodate 3 cars whilst keeping as much garden as possible. From a design point of view it was also important to me that the inspection chamber manhole cover be moved into a formalised herringbone brick path where it is now virtually indistinguishable, but still fully functional. I also felt that the front of the house didn't quite balance with the bay window to the left of the front door containing decorative  timber box frame and led detailing whilst window to the right had no detailing and sat flush to the front wall. My design solution build a timber box frame to match along with led detail to canopy. Equally in conversation with my clients it became apparent that the door top side of garage, seen in before picture was surplus to requirement as they did not tend to use it. Again from a design point of view i felt it would be best to brick this up but maintaining a window, lined from top with existing window line, whilst also drawing the focus of attention to front entrance.
Although classed as garden design i feel it is important for a designer to look at the whole picture, and that can, and should, involve detailing to the house as part of the overall framework for and backdrop to a  successful design.
Other deign details include a hazel hurdle fence attached to the existing timber panel and concrete fence. This has the desired effect of softening the picture, and is more in keeping with the style of the house. Additionally a hazel hurdle gate was specially made by the landscape team and installed to the side of the house to separate front from rear gardens whilst also complimenting the new scheme. Equally 3 inset cobble circles with line detail were designed in to raise the ascetic of what would otherwise be a very large and monotone area of gravel, whilst also drawing the eye  towards the center of the plot and front entrance and on to the garage door. The doorstep was also replaced with a chunky piece of reclaimed bull-nosed York Stone whilst a new copper light was fitted to house wall to add warmth and compliment the entrance-way in style. 

The Finished Garden

A reminder of what the garden looked like first visit. Before pictures.

Wilmslow Front Garden Project, Work starts on site 6th January 2015

A happy start to a happy job and a happy new year? One does like a happy team ;)

New Garden Design Project in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

This small front garden project for clients in Wilmslow requires me to design a new front driveway that is more in keeping with the style of the house whilst at the same time re-configuring the drive to take 2 cars. I will update this post with pictures of the new layouts and finished gardens in the near future, so watch this space.

Designs for a front garden with improved parking layouts

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